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Police STOP 2


• Made of high quality plastic polyamide white high breakage resistance (elastic), resistant to aging and color change, weather resistant, flame-resistant, resistant to bacteria and therefore does not support the development of mold in contact with human skin. Total length of the stop sticks 450 mm. The total weight of the stick 310 grams. Handrail length 250 mm, diameter 35 mm, with longitudinal grooves for improved approaches and strap on the bottom of the handle for possible wearing around the wrist. The same is also the carrier for the battery pack, R 14 (3 pieces), and on it there and switch off light and, if necessary, and the socket for the charger when using battery cartridges.

• The light source can be used light 3.5 V 200 mA throat E10 or the new electric. Circuit SA12 pieces SMD LEDs third generation with lower energy consumption and thereby extend battery life up to five times with a far more visible light assembly.

• The diameter of the part of the inscription of 200 mm, thickness 5 mm. On one side is a label of self-adhesive reflective films EG guaranteed durability 7 years, with a red outer ring diameter of about 185/130 mm, inside which is the yellow EG reflective foil printed inscription STOP / POLICE in black. On the other side of the lamp 100 mm diameter with a red filter, a total height of 40 mm, around which is attached EG reflective stickers O 185/130 mm with inscription STOP POLICE in black.

• Built-in UV LEDs with a switch on the joystick that serves for exposing forgeries.




total length of 450 mm (250mm handrail)

diameter 200 mm, thickness 5 mm

weight of the stick 310 grams

sided lighting

LED III. generation

System to charge the battery (optional)

resistant to external conditions


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