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The outstanding characteristics of this material make it the first choice in systems of acoustic floating floors, suspended ceilings, insulation machine house, ventilation systems and air conditioners, vibrating machines, sound systems, transformers, stair steps, but in the classical systems of sound insulation of partition structures. His notable application of this product has such elastic support foundations, pits, bridges, rail and tram rails etc. T name achieved fantastic results in terms of combating unwanted vibrations caused by adverse dislocations of the building (close to the metro, traffic Teapot, etc.). If it is correctly sized and selected the optimal type of product, in practice gives superior results in terms of damping structural vibrations.

"Sylomer" and "Sylodin" materials no. 1 on the market intended for combating unwanted vibrations. Sylomer and Sylodin are specially designed group p oliuretanskih elastomers of different density and mechanical properties, which can deform under load, or after termination of the load fully return to its original state, regardless of the intensity of the load. (This feature ive retained even after prolonged load) . Therefore achieve outstanding damping properties and are used in both residential and catering facilities as well as in industry, railway transport or isolated foundations, railroads and the like. Excellent mechanical properties of this material, separated him from competing materials for virtually unlimited range of loads that can accept. Of course, for each load level and the excitation frequencies of the d expect, there is a product (subgroup) optimal density and geometry that we choose based on budget.


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