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TECSOUND - Sound cial membranes


Sound cial membranes Tecsound performed in a number of possible variants and are used in an almost unlimited number of different systems for sound insulation, primarily depending on the available options for fitting.

It is generally supplied in the form of foil or board in case of a prepackaged sandwich panels and as such can be used as part of a system or independently.

Be sure to get the best effect and use of these materials to ensure this is installed on one of the recommended ways within the system sound insulation of normal thickness obtained measurements, calculations and design. However, in case of lack of space can also be applied for a minimum thickness of solutions. The curves of acoustic insulation power is usually given for a complete barrier and for the same material they change depending on the as soon as the material is combined. However, in order to describe the acoustic characteristics of the membrane itself, independent tests were carried out for them, and are shown in the diagram below:



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