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Retail staff can only sell high value products successfully when they know them and when they really understand why these products carry a premium price. E-learning allows them to study at their pace, and review concepts as many times as needed. Compliance and performance will be accurately measured and areas which need more attention will be brought to light.

Operating in a sector with high employee turnover, this tool will allow our trade partners to train their new staff before they start on the shop floor. The E-Excellence Center will promote learning and offers Electrolux certification in product knowledge and sales skills at no additional cost.

Another important benefit is that e-learning enable retailers to maximize their revenue potential during important peak sales periods. Additional staff are often hired to accommodate the rise in traffic, but are no match to customers who have already done their research online.

The E-Excellence Center will not only focus on Electrolux branded products, but also offers comprehensive Category-level modules which are pertinent to all brands. Sales Excellence Tests which focus on shop floor selling skills present users with commonly asked consumer queries. Electrolux will measure the participants’ results through tests and quizzes at the end of each module.

The web-based training is quick and convenient as users can choose the time and place that suits them. Once they have completed a module successfully, participants can print out a certificate. Shop floor staff can build up a portfolio of these certificates and take them with them to their next role.


ELECTROLUX is a company existing since 1984 year. Its outset was based on mainaince and repairment of household appliances. 

Almost 25 years successfully has been working on production of electric heaters and rubber products. Macedonian market has been covered up about 70% by our heaters. At a large part we are present with rubber products as well as the assortment of our electric elements. 

Within it's assortment of products and services it has been given a guaranty for all products and services accomplished.

There are a number of foreign companies by which it has been cooperating through the Balkan Peninsula like Turkey, Serbia and Montenegro, Bulgaria, Kosovo and EU.
The Company fair's:

- Tehnoma Skopje 1997 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 1998 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 1999 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2000 year. 
(Silver Medal)
- Tehnoma Skopje 2002 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2003 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2004 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2005 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2007 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2008 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2009 year.
- Tehnoma Skopje 2010 year.
- Expo Bitola 2004 year.
- Expo Bitola 2005 year.
- Expo Bitola 2006 year.
- Tehnoma Pristina 2008 year.
- Tehnoma Pristina 2009 year.
- Tehnoma Tirana 2008 year.

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Telephone-Bitola: +389 (0) 47 203 330
Telephone-Skopje: +389 02 3298 130
Fax:              +389 (0) 47 203 900
Mobile Phone Number: +389 (0) 70 237 108