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First step is to place Sylomer strips along perimeter of the wall covering as shown on picture above. It is recommended that 12.5mm thick SYLOMER SR 18 should be used for side and top strips and 12.5mm thick SYLOMER SR 55 strips for the bottom.

Place the first layer of the sound insulating board as shown on picture above.

Sound Insulating board, consists of one layer of special High density plasterboard which is impregnated with TECSOUND 2 FT sound absorbent material. Use the plastic anchors for fixing the first layer to the existing wall, as shown on picture above.


Finished first layer of sound insulation.

Place 12.5mm thick Sylomer SR 18 separation strips over the first layer of plasterboards. Use self adhesive tape for this purpose. Alternatively, use TECSOUND SY between complete surface of first and second layer of plasterboards.

Install the second Sound-Stop plasterboard layer on Sylomer strips.


Pay attention to attach the second Sound –Stop plasterboard ( which is different than first layer) with special dry wall screws which will go only through the plasterboard layer below it, but not into masonry wall. First layer of plasterboards is fixed by plastic anchors for the existing wall, but second layer is attached only for the first layer in order to avoid sound bridges.


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